Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dior addict vs. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

You know you're a makeup junkie when you have nightmares about your makeup being destroyed. Not saying this happened to me... ok it did happen to me and it was terrifying! haha

Anyway, let's move on to the actual post. Today, I'll be comparing two of the most popular sheer lipsticks on the market right now:  
Dior's addict lipstick and Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine

I have Dior addict lipstick in 578 Diorkiss and Chanel rouge coco shine in 57 Aventure.
I wanted to do a comparison because word on the street is, these two lipsticks are very similar in texture, finish, lasting ability, moisture level, and pigmentation.

Let's start with texture:  Texture wise, they are both soft and buttery. Both are balm-like rather than waxy and lipstick-like. I find Dior addict softer than Chanel coco shine. Dior addict slides on your lips smoother but thicker. I've only used it for 2 weeks now and I can already see the tube diminishing quickly because of this. 
Pigmentation: Pigmentation wise, Dior wins hands down. Its definitely more richly pigmented and gives a much better color payoff. Additionally, because it slides on thick, the color is even more opaque.  

 Finish: I find Chanel's finish glossier and shinier. It fills in all your lip's imperfections and makes your pout look juicy and plump. Dior Addict gives a shiny finish but its less glossy by far.

Moisture level: I find Chanel's coco shine more moisturizing. To be fair, both are pretty moisturizing, especially compared to most traditional lipsticks.

Lasting Ability: Dior lasts longer for sure. It lasts about 1-2 hours more than Chanel Coco shine, which lasts 1-2 hours at most.

Dior Addict 578 Diorkiss
Packaging: I like Chanel's Coco Shine packaging better. It's sleeker and less gimmicky. It's classy and feels delicate in your hands. Dior addict's packaging is annoying to open and a bit too flashy for me.
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 57 Aventure

Left to right: Dior 578 Diorkiss, Chanel 57 Aventure

Left to right: Dior 578 Diorkiss, Chanel 57 Aventure

Left to right: Chanel 57 Aventure, Dior 578 Diorkiss
Color-wise I have heard these colors are dupes for each other. They're both medium semi-bright pinks. Aventure has tiny sparkles that aren't very noticeable but they add to making your pout look juicy.
On my pigmented lips, these two look really different. Diorkiss looks much deeper and rosier.. Aventure looks more like a pretty pink gloss.  It comes off brighter and more cool toned than diorkiss.

If I had to recommend one or the other to someone else, it would depend on what they're looking for.
They both have pro's and con's and are great for different things.

Dior Addict 578 Diorkiss: Great if you want a lipstick that actually acts and feels like a lipstick and not a gloss-stick.
-More pigmentation
-longer lasting
-but not as moisturizing

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 57 Aventure: Great for on the go applications and lazy days.
-More moisturizing and flattering on the lips
-Glossier, more balm-like verging on being a gloss stick (Pro or Con depending on preferences)
-Sleeker more streamlined packaging that makes it easy to throw in your purse
-but less pigmented

I personally don't mind owning both because they both look different on my lips and serve different purposes. Both are stellar products and you just won't lose with whatever choice you make.

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  1. I think I prefer the look of the Dior one, though it sounds like it'll run out much quicker. :)