Monday, September 26, 2011

Love at first swipe: Dior Vernis 999 Red Royalty

Dior Vernis 999 Red Royalty is HG status. It's the most perfect true red I've ever come across. The color, the packaging, the formulation, the brush: Everything about this polish is genius. I love the sleek metal cap and the weight of the polish. It feels luxurious but not heavy a la Chanel's vernis. The rectangle shape, weight, and design give it a contemporary feel. Dior's style is definitely a younger, more modern kind of luxury. The formulation is perfection. Opaque enough to get away with 1 coat, not too goopey, not too thick, and not too runny. But the BEST part about Dior polishes are those new stubby little brushes. They're a tad too big for my tiny nails, so I sometimes go a little bit over the edge but who cares! This bad little brush helps me apply polish in less than a minute, I swear.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here are the money shots:

Dior 999 Red Royalty is $23 and is now out on display at any department store with a Dior counter and

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